Client Services

One2One Staffing looks for integrity and commitment in our personnel candidates, in addition to positive references and background checks. We personally vet all of our candidates thoroughly before we consider representing them. We look for people who are interested in being at the top of their field, and who strive for excellence. Most importantly, we take our time in listening to the needs of the client. We believe strongly in quality over quantity. We pick only the resumes that closely match the needs of your household, and the candidates that are best suited to the needs of the client.

We offer educational classes to our nannies to enhance their childcare careers. As part of our childcare services, we have baby nurses, full and part time nannies, live-in and live out, mother's helpers, and combination nanny / housekeepers. We can advise, support, and make suggestions on the transition of bringing home a new baby.

We can mediate contract negotiations, or conflict resolution between employer and employee. We strive to set ourselves apart and feel it helps to personalize your agency experience when you can sit down with one of us and discuss your personal needs face to face. We are happy to offer the client the benefit of our combined knowledge of the world of domestic employment, to ensure the most positive and productive experience possible.

One2One Staffing realizes that choosing your childcare professional is one of the most important choices you will make. Because we are also parents, we understand how important and sometimes daunting this process can be. We aim to make this experience uniquely personal and positive for you.

Our goal, when placing a nanny is to ask as many questions as possible to get a feel for what kind of person will fit into the clients household, while offering everything needed within the job description.

Nannies are a passion for us at One2One Staffing. We look for nannies that have great references, commitment to their jobs, integrity, a passion for childcare, and a desire to be helpful. Some of our nannies speak other languages, have teaching degrees or specialized education and experience.

We represent women of all ages, and ethnicities. Dont forget to ask us about our fantastic mannies, who may offer an alternative when choosing your childcare professional.

We ensure that all our nannies have an up-to-date DMV report, current CPR certification, and thorough background check. They must have a car with valid insurance (unless the job description expressly indicates otherwise), and clean driving record. We provide the client with a copy of the complete background check to have for the clients files. All references have been thoroughly verified by us, and the nanny/manny personally interviewed face to face.

We offer full and part-time nannies, both live in and live out, mothers helpers, nanny/housekeepers, and nanny/personal assistants. Some of our nannies specialize in newborns and infants, some prefer older children, pre-teens and teenagers.

We really make it our mission to present you with only the closest matches to your job description, to prevent you from having to do unnecessary interviews.

Our chefs offer a wide range of services, from full time employment, part time employment, to catering events in your home. We can find someone to fit any of your dietary requests, including Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw foods, Gourmet, Macrobiotic, Organic, Gluten free, and Dairy free, as well as other special dietary requirements. All of our chefs have been formally trained, and have worked for private homes in the past. Some of our chefs offer the ability to travel with the families they work for- long and short-term travel schedules.

Most chefs are educated in wines and wine pairings, and can offer hand picked bartending staff referrals for private events.

Have any special requests? Just ask!

We have highly qualified housekeepers who show exceptional expertise in the following areas:

  • Laundry and pressing
  • cooking
  • fine clothing
  • fine furniture and rugs
  • organizing
  • errands
  • personal assistance of all kinds

We have housekeepers that range in experience, from general to executive housekeeping. We thoroughly check all references and backgrounds on our housekeepers to ensure their honesty and integrity in your home.

We also have housekeepers who are happy to work in homes with children, and are always happy to pitch in with childcare duties when necessary. Some of our housekeepers are also excellent cooks and would enjoy preparing meals for you when needed.

We are happy to find the right candidate for whatever your needs may be.

Our Personal Assistants are ready to make your life easier in every way possible. They are able to organize your life, your home, and your needs quickly and efficiently. The Personal Assistants we represent are experienced in dealing with high profile clientele, and are discrete and have impeccable references. They manage any personal or professional scheduling you may have, as well as scheduling for your home or office. These are right hand people, who are resourceful and capable.

Estate Managers

We offer the finest in Estate Managers, experienced in high-end, and high profile homes. Our executive personnel come into the job with established contacts for vendors, trusted services and knowledge of what it takes to run a household. They are trained to manage various staff members inside and outside of the home, including: bringing on new staff, letting go of staff no longer needed, dealing with disputes, handling scheduling, and staff contract management. They are able to liaise with agencies, business managers, business contacts, event planners, venders, retailers, and personal contacts, always in a professional and efficient manner.


We represent a wide range of working domestic couples. These individuals are highly trained in the running of a home, and attending to the needs of a busy household. We offer live in and live out couples. Our domestic couples offer a wide range of services, which can include: cooking (gourmet and home style), housekeeping, house managing, grounds maintenance, personal assistance, and estate managing. Our couples are skilled professionals, who are capable of running large estates, fine homes, and busy lifestyles. They offer impeccable references, formal training, and discretion.

If you have any special needs with regard to your household, just let us know, and we will find someone to fit your needs.

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