Arika Baumbach

Arika studied early childhood education and developmental psychology as part of her liberal arts studies in college. She was also involved in music, playing classical violin for 20 years and touring with an orchestra.

Arika has applied her unique life experiences to her nanny career in Los Angeles and Boston, which has spanned over 14 years. This led her to run the day-to-day operations of a placement agency for the past 5 years, and so refining her abilities. Through her own experiences as a nanny, she is able to relate to the nannies in a personal way. She applies her musical experience in meeting the needs of her clients, listening to nuances, hearing concerns, and fine-tuning searches. She has a passion for finding the right person for the right position, and has a strong sense of pride when clients have had a positive experience working with her to find the right employee.

She holds her integrity and ethics above all else, and understands that honesty is always the best policy. She enjoys offering extended support to her clients. The kind of support that lasts long after the fee is collected.

Our goal is to offer a unique agency experience, providing more of a one-on-one encounter between the client and agent, agent and staff. We believe in working hard to match our personnel with the appropriate job description, by really getting to know the personnel we represent on a more intimate level.

Call Arika at 818-761-8621 or email arika@one2one-staffing.com.